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The Democrat Joining The Push To Ban TikTok


Дек 17, 2022

Today we look at lawmakers’ push to ban TikTok, legislation to improve airline-evacuation standards, Donald Trump’s secret loan and Kari Lake’s whereabouts.

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Why Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi Wants To Ban TikTok

“In November, Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Mike Gallagher announced plans to introduce legislation to ban TikTok in the United States due to potential national security threats raised by the app. On Tuesday, they unveiled the ANTI-SOCIAL CCP Act—a bill that would do just that. Joining Rubio and Gallagher was also a new co-sponsor for the bill: Democratic Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, who serves on the House Oversight and Intelligence Committees,” reports Emily Baker-White.

In a wide-ranging conversation with Forbes, Krishnamoorthi detailed his concerns about TikTok, and explained how Democratic lawmakers, who have been comparatively quiet about TikTok, are thinking about the app. There is “genuine bipartisan concern” about TikTok, he told Forbes, adding “concern might be an understatement.”

“I think everybody is uneasy about TikTok.”

TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese tech giant ByteDance, is currently negotiating a contract with the interagency Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which began investigating potential national security risks posed by the app in late 2019. TikTok claims the contract will fully address all national security concerns about the app.

But legislators continue to worry. In July, the Senate Intelligence Committee called on the FTC to investigate TikTok for deception, after BuzzFeed News reported that ByteDance employees in China had repeatedly accessed sensitive data about U.S. TikTok users. Later that month, Congress began its own investigation, which it expanded after Forbes reported that a ByteDance team led by a China-based executive had sought to monitor the location of specific American citizens. On Wednesday night, the Senate unanimously passed a bill that would ban TikTok from federal government-owned devices.

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Tracking Trump

“With his approval ratings at their lowest since 2015, Donald Trump announced a series of $99 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Thursday linked to a collection of digital art portraying the former president in a number of flattering ways—if you can go by the images on the collecttrumpcards.com website, which might or might not show actual images on the NFTs. There is also a chance to win ‘1000’s of prizes’ including a guaranteed dinner with the Donald if you pony up for 45 cards, though it is not clear how many other people will attend,” reports Mitchell Martin.


“Digital World Acquisition Corp., the special-purpose acquisition company picked to take former President Donald Trump’s social media company public, unveiled a series of high-level departures on Friday since the end of last month—deepening potential worries for the firm as it struggles to finalize a deal amid regulatory investigations and broader market chaos,” reports Jonathan Ponciano.


“House Democrats introduced legislation Thursday—sure to never make it out of a GOP-led House that takes over in January—that would bar former President Donald Trump from being president again under the 14th Amendment, part of a broader effort by Democrats and activists to keep Trump from holding future office through a little-used constitutional provision as he launches his 2024 campaign,” reports Alison Durkee.


“Former President Donald Trump on Thursday promised to upend all forms of social media content moderation if he’s re-elected, in what he framed as a bid to ‘reclaim the right to free speech’ while describing a plan that seems targeted at the previous management of Twitter, whose new owner Elon Musk has become a recent ally to the right,” reports Sara Dorn.


In case you’re wondering where Kari Lake’s been spending time since losing Arizona’s gubernatorial contest, the answer appears to be Mar-a-Lago, at least a bunch of the time.

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