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Truck Delivers First Full Load On A 500-Mile Trip


Дек 3, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • An all-electric Tesla Semi completed a 500-mile test run.
  • This test run included an 81,000-pound load.
  • With the test run complete, Tesla’s Semi program will start delivering trucks early this month.

When you think of a semi truck, you likely envision a big rig that relies on diesel to haul its load around the country — trucking conjures up more Burt Reynolds than big tech. While semi trucks have been a part of our transportation landscape for most of a century, Tesla’s Semi program is looking to change more than the fuel source for these vehicles.

After years of work, Tesla’s all-electric semi truck has completed its first 500-mile journey on a single charge. Let’s take a closer look at this inaugural trip and the implications of this innovation.

Tesla semi truck is on the move

In late November 2022, Elon Musk announced that Tesla’s Semi program completed a 500-mile test drive with a total weight of 81,000 pounds.

The successful test run is a major milestone for the future of trucking. It’s a significant breakthrough because competitors like Mercedes, Volvo, and Nikola haven’t achieved long-range test runs on this scale.

The not so long road to a successful electric semi

Tesla first announced its intentions to build an all-electric Tesla Semi in 2017. At the time, the company set a target release date of 2019. However, bringing this concept to life took longer than expected.

After many setbacks in the Tesla Semi program, this long-distance test run objective was finally achieved. It’s an impressive feat that could have some major impacts. Although it took longer than expected, six years is just not that long to launch a vehicle as innovative and unique as this.

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Implications of a successful long-distance test run

Widespread use of all-electric semi trucks could transform the trucking industry. However, there are some implications to consider as the Tesla Semis wade into the trucking industry.

Adoption of electric trucks

One successful test run doesn’t mean that the entire trucking industry is ready to embrace this change. However, some major companies have reportedly placed big orders for these Tesla Semis.

For example, reports claim that UPS and PepsiCo have ordered over 100 Tesla Semis each.

One reason companies are interested in these all-electric semi trucks is the potential to achieve their emission target goals. Other reasons include an interest in autonomous driving features and the relatively low complexity of an electric motor.

Electricity sources

A 500-mile journey is substantial and obviously requires a great deal of electricity to top off a battery so big, and it’s no secret that the charging station infrastructure has long been the achilles heal of the electric vehicle ecosystem. As the trucking industry starts to consider this option, the availability of electricity sources for refueling stops is a key question.

Electric charging stations for passenger vehicles are starting to pop up nationwide. Adding electric semis to the mix will increase highway power demands.

National Grid found that electrifying a highway gas station in 2030 might require as much power as a sports stadium if mostly passenger vehicles top off their battery. When electric semis are included, a highway gas station in 2035 might need a similar amount of power as a small town.

If all-electric trucks are adopted quickly, this will involve big changes to the electric grid demands on highway routes. Major investments must be made into the grid infrastructure to meet the changing demand.

How to invest in technology

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