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Purchase Rewards Provider Valuedynamx Launches Globally With 400 Million Marketable Consumers


Сен 2, 2022

Valuedynamx, a leading global provider of curated, data-driven, omnichannel purchase rewards, has launched for brands and brand marketers. Developed by Collinson, Valuedynamx was created to help brands become more relevant to their customers through its global rewards commerce ecosystem, providing curated customer offers backed by a unique network of international and national commerce partners.

Consumer expectations have evolved dramatically in the past few years. Incentives and rewards tied to transactional relationships have become table stakes as consumers demand to be rewarded when they spend. According to Valuedynamx, the past three years have demonstrated how critical it is for brands to differentiate by delivering meaningful offers at the right time and the right place to drive customer loyalty, and compete for new customers.

Marketers now want to deliver the tailored experiences customers ask for, experiences that let them flexibly earn and spend rewards, react to changing economic conditions, and generate a healthy return on investment, said Colin Evans, chairman and founder of Collinson and Valudynamx.

With its marketable base of 400 million consumers, 50,000 retail and travel partners, and more than 400,000 rewards across a global footprint, Valuedynamx quickly positions brands for success by engaging customers to create life-long relationships.

“Consumers’ expectations have changed in recent years, due in part to COVID-19, economic fluctuations, and technology and data advancements,” Evans said, noting that consumers want to engage with brands on their own terms and gain access to uniquely relevant rewards and offers, earning or redeeming rewards through their everyday purchases. “When [these parameters] are met, consumers are much more likely to become more engaged over the long term.”

In addition to being agile and offering a full range of relevant customer solutions, Valuedynamx is a global network that provides greater customer choice and relevance to consumers in 150 countries. “Valuedynamx solutions are easily and seamlessly integrated with our client programs and customers are rewarded every time they transact,” Evans said.

Evans is the driving force behind many firsts in travel and loyalty. He established ICLP, the first dedicated international loyalty agency. He launched the first independent global airport lounge access program, Priority Plus.

“I started the first dedicated international travel loyalty program in 1987,” Evans said. “The first company in the loyalty program was Hertz. They had 6 million people. It’s a different world now. There’s about 100 different airlines in the travel loyalty programs.

“I created something called Priority Pass. At its best before the Covid-19 pandemic, 2% of everybody that went through an airport used Priority Pass,” Evans added.

Later, Columbus Direct was the first in the U.K. to sell travel insurance directly to consumers. Most recently, Evans created Valuedynamx to be a leading global provider of personalized, targeted data-driven omnichannel purchase rewards.

Evans is not at a loss for accolades. He was recognized with awards such as Loyalty Magazine’s Personality of the Year 2017 and the Loyalty Lifetime Achievement Mega Award in 2011.

“I started by building a catalog of retail items that you could buy. The items would be shipped by any day of the week from retailers that you would normally go to. But the difference would be that you could then earn airline miles. So, you bought something you own airline miles. The merchants liked it in one sense because they’re not offering a discount,” Evans said.

Valuedynamx meets and exceeds customer expectations in terms of data capabilities by quickly and easily integrating into a brand’s existing digital framework. Innovative technology enables Valuedynamx to generate unique and valuable insights into customer behavior and trends, delivering the most relevant offers, Evans said. “Understanding a brand or a program’s desired outcomes helps to deliver optimized rewards and offers, which encourages repeat engagement, and grows both brand loyalty and customer lifetime value,” Evans said.

With unrivaled buying power, Valuedynamx can source the most relevant offers and rewards by leveraging its global network to achieve the best value for customers at competitive rates while delivering maximum commercial returns.

Valuedynamx is already enhancing customer loyalty and driving transactional engagement for some of the world’s largest airlines, financial institutions, and hotel groups, across the U.S., South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Are travel consumers more receptive to to such products because travel has so many pain points these days and even the smallest bit of luxury or escapism is really welcome.

“I think it’s a mixture of the sense of self importance,” Evans said. “It’s important, I am important. It’s also the fact that you’re spending what today is, depending on the airport, one and a half to two hours, waiting. The lounge is an important place to see if you can get a drink without losing your seat. You can watch the television without losing your seat, if you choose.

“Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 2% of everyone who ever went through an airport went into a lounge,” Evans said.

Some airports, like LaGuardia, for example, have had a big facelift and now they have fancy restaurants and food from top chefs. How does that bode for the Valuedynamx business?

“I don’t think it materially alters that,” Evans said.

“It’s exciting to see Valuedynamx in the merchant-funded rewards space and committed to delivering ‘total customer relevance,’” said Dan Currell, CEO of Digital Commerce Alliance. “Valuedynamx is making all the right investments to be global leaders in curated data-driven omnichannel purchase rewards.”

Valuedynamx was created to leverage Collinson’s expertise across payments, card-linking, affiliate marketing, earning, and redemption.

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