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The Family Office Forum Serena Williams Attended Before The US Open And Why We Should Be Talking About It


Сен 6, 2022

The world has spent much of the week congratulating tennis legend Serena Williams on a spectacular and pressure-free performance at the US Open, something she described as the first enjoyable match in almost three decades with nothing to lose or gain from the appearance.

This came just weeks after Williams announced her retirement in Vogue Magazine to focus on expanding her young family but something she will also be concentrating on that many have not discussed is her VC Fund, Serena Ventures and the change she is already making across the Family Office community.

Ahead of taking the court last Wednesday, Williams pitched to a room of billionaire investors at the annual 1640 Society Family Office Wealth Forum where she discussed her portfolio of over 50 companies and why she is passionate about making an Impact.

The forum which brings together prominent families and philanthropists is a well-attended event, known to include the Rockefeller, Kennedy, Johnson, Musk and Bush families and offered a platform for Williams to disclose her mission to become a change-agent and create opportunities for everyone to live a better life.

Or, in the words of the tennis champion, world-class athlete, businesswoman and Founder herself: “Through a champion mindset and unparalleled network, we empower Founders to change the world.”

Serena Ventures boasts a diverse portfolio including investments in EdTech, Climate Tech, NFTs, Crypto and FinTech and is passionate about investing in under-represented Founders. In fact, 76% of the Founders Williams invests in are under-represented, 53% are female, 47% black and 12% Latino.

Williams started actively investing nine years ago when realising the impact that start-ups had on everyday lives and will continue to make an impact on the sports world by continuing her investments in health and wellbeing.

She believes that ‘check writers should be change agents’ and while often recognised for her 23 grand slam titles, Serena Williams will now be known across the Family Office community for her role as an Impact Investor and Philanthropist, creating opportunities for everyone to live better.

Find out how other prominent Family Office Leaders are making an impact by downloading our How To Change The World Report here.

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